Wine Tour


Andrea's vining plants


Andrea owns around 2000 vining plants, scattered throughout little pieces of land in the hills above Riomaggiore.
Most of them are of Bosco, while the rest are Albarola (which the locals call Bianchetta) and Vermentino.
These vines are typical of the Cinque Terre and all of the wines made here have a bit of each.

White Wine

Terre sospese

In September, helped by some young students, Andrea begins to harvest the grapes, picking them by hand and carrying most of the boxes of grapes on his own back to his winery.

The grapes will then be destemmed and lightly crushed. Andrea places the juice, peels and seeds in open terracotta amphorae, where they will begin to ferment, and the sugar will turn into alcohol.

What is particular about Andrea’s wine is how he leaves it to ferment.
In fact, while red wine is left to ferment of its peels – this is how it gets its color – the peels of white wine are usually separated from the juice soon after the destemming process.

Andrea, on the other side, prefers to leave the peels to ferment with the juice in the slightly open amphorae for as long as 10 days.
It is very important to stir this mix a couple of times a day as the peels will tend to rise to the surface and oxidize, which would give the wine an acidic taste.

After finally separating the peels from the juice, he’ll place the latter within sealed amphorae for 4 / 5 months, until the wine is be ready to be bottled.

Sweet white dessert wine


During the harvest, the healthiest grapes are hanged on a grid to dry until around December.
They are then pressed, left to ferment with their peels for up to 21 days and then usually left to mature in an amphora for one or two years.


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