The Dry Stone Wall’s


 It has been said that the Cinque Terre winemaker
is a sort of modern and everyday hero, who, by continuously restoring the dry-stone walls, draws a living from the vineyard giving life to the territory”.

The Dry Stone Wall’s


Become a La Sosta certified Dry Stone Wall watcher in


A 3 hour private seminar with wine tasting in the cellar at winemaker Andrea Pecunia’s vineyard in the hills above Riomaggiore:
history, technique, culture, ecosystem of the Unesco Word Heritage “Cinque Terre” Dry Stone Walls terracing.


An Aperitif  based on selected Cinque Terre wines and appetizers prepared by the Kitchen to discover the role and savour the fruit of the Cinque Terre Dry Stone Wall terraced vineyards.


Visit the 5 Dry Stone Wall sites in the Cinque Terre recommended by La Sosta and post your pictures and comments on https://it-it.facebook.com/lasostadiottone

Why become

a Dry Stone Wall Watcher?

The Cinque Terre are a Unesco World Heritage site because
“the work of man over the millennia has transformed a jagged, steep coastine into an intensively terraced landscape so as to be able to wrest from nature a few hectares of land suitable for agriculture, such as growing vines and olive trees”.

Dry stone walls are the back bone of the Cinque Terre man made terraced landscape.
Understanding the history, technique and impact of the dry stone wall opens the way to understanding the Cinque Terre’s landscape, culture and people.



152 € based on 2 guests


* a 3 hour private seminar with winemaker Andrea Pecunia at his vineyard in the hills above Riomaggiore,

* a visit to Andrea Pecunia’s  cellar and wine tasting,

* the ride to and from Riomaggiore Station and the vineyard,

* an aperitif at La Sosta – a wine journey through the Cinque Terre vineyards – 4 local wines with appetizers prepared by the Kitchen,

* maps & information provided by La Sosta Reception on Dry Stone Wall sites to visit.

An authentic Cinque Terre experience.


A Dry Stone Wall Watching session takes place:

* every day between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm (subject to availability),

* in a vineyard above Riomaggiore,

* in English, French or Italian,

* hiking shoes, drinking water, surefootedness and physical fitness required.

* La Sosta Wine Experience aperitif is served at 6.00 pm at La Sosta

For reservation please contact lasosta@lasosta.com
(if the number is more or less than 2 people, please request an adjusted price).

additional information

A vineyard above Riomaggiore is the basis for a three hour private seminar by wine maker  Andrea Pecunia who will illustrate:

  • History  +  Technique
  • Dry Stone Walls and the Cinque Terre
  • Agriculture: wine makers and olive oil
  • The Five Villages of the Cinque Terre
  • Landscape: the Cinque Terre-Unesco World Heritage Site

Languages: English, French and Italian.

The seminar is followed by a visit to Andrea’s cellar and some wine tasting.  In addition, guests can enjoy a wine tasting aperitif prepared by La Sosta Kitchen based on wines selected by Chef & Sommelier Luca Palmero Scatena made from the vines grown on the Cinque Terre terraces.

The five Dry Stone Wall sites we have selected for you to visit are:

  • the terraced vineyards of the wine makers we have chosen for your Aperitif
  • the Fondazione Manarola site: the Foundation members are Manarola residents who take care of or rebuild Dry Stone Walls overlooking the western end of the village. For additional information, please visit http://www.fondazionemanarola.org/ 

La Sosta Reception will provide maps and information on how to reach the sites.


Guide & Winemaker:

Andrea owns around 2000 vining plants, scattered throughout little pieces of land in the hills above Riomaggiore.
Most of the vines are of Bosco, while the rest are Albarola (which the locals call Bianchetta) and Vermentino.
These vines are typical of the Cinque Terre and all of the wines made here have a bit of each.

Andrea’s vineyards are planted on a dry stone wall terraced slope overlooking the sea.


Adelmo Massola, born and bred in Levanto specializes in Surf photography:


In 2014 Adelmo turned his lens to the landscape behind him and discovered the magic of the terraced vineyards.