Wine tasting

“When I sip and savour the local wine, I cannot help but think of the effort of the men and women who over the centuries have made it a reality, of the beauty of the landscape surrounding the vineyards, and of the struggle to protect this precious and fragile ecosystem.”

Fabio Graziani, Owner

Extra virgin olive oil tasting: smell & taste

Extra Virgin Olive Oil smells of Olives and its basic flavors are:
fruttato (fruity), amaro (bitter), piccante (pungent).

In Italy you have 300 varieties of Olives to choose from.

La Sosta Kitchen has selected Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils to guide you through a sensorial discovery of the backbone ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.
And once you have tasted… the Best Olive Oil is the Olive Oil You Like!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting is part of La Sosta Kitchen Menu.
Served between 8.00pm and 10.00pm
(except on Sunday).

Cooking Jam Session

A moment of culinary freedom! …  based on the guests’ knowledge just as much as the Chef’s experience.

Guests can pre-agree with the Chef  & Sommelier Luca Palmero Scatena the content and length of a cooking session based on experience and interests.
It takes place between 1.00 and 3.00 pm in the afternoon, at La Sosta Kitchen.
Dinner follows on the dishes prepared during the cooking session accompanied by wines selected with the Chef.

Please email kitchen@lasosta.com for additional information.

Indicative prices for 2 people:
from 300 € to 350 €,
to be confirmed with the Chef.

Your Cinque Terre Experience


It has been said that the Cinque Terre winemaker

is a sort of modern and everyday hero, who, by continuously restoring the dry-stone walls, draws a living from the vineyard giving life to the territory”.

Arts & Artists

Painters Susie Barrow (www.susiebarrow.com), Rosy Scapparone, Gregorio Giannotta (www.animars.it), sculptress Paola Rando (www.animars.it), photographer Odile Arias exhibit their work at La Sosta.

They live in the region and through their work guests can connect with the beauty of  this part of Italy.


Artisans at La Sosta

Precious Silk Damasks of Lorsica made on traditional looms since the 1500s.

During the winter Angela, Graziella, Odile, Susie e Alessandra made the Patchwork curtain now hanging in the Reception at La Sosta.

Guests can admire the full catalogue of this fabulous and historical textile produced by the De Martino family in Lorsica:
the family Tessitura DeMartini and a wonderful video on Liguria Style.

The most difficult task was sewing it all together but Graziella from Arredamento Guarducci di Levanto contributed with all her expertise and creativity.
Fantastic! Don’t you think?

Our blog

The Ligurian Project

These are the producers which I feature on my blog, finally all placed on a map to show exactly where I found them.

All are within range of  a maximum two hour car drive from La Sosta.

Make your journey complete by experiencing some of Italy’s truest flavors.
Right from their beginning.

Wine Tour


Naturally Wine

White wine – Terre Sospese:

Andrea owns around 2000 vining plants, scattered throughout little pieces of land in the hills above Riomaggiore.
Most of them are of Bosco, while the rest are Albarola (which the locals call Bianchetta) and Vermentino.
These vines are typical of the Cinque Terre and all of the wines made here have a bit of each.

In September, helped by some young students, Andrea begins to harvest the grapes, picking them by hand and carrying most of the boxes of grapes on his own back to his winery.

The grapes will then be destemmed and lightly crushed. Andrea places the juice, peels and seeds in open terracotta amphorae, where they will begin to ferment, and the sugar will turn into alcohol.

What is particular about Andrea’s wine is how he leaves it to ferment.
In fact, while red wine is left to ferment of its peels – this is how it gets its color – the peels of white wine are usually separated from the juice soon after the destemming process.

Andrea, on the other side, prefers to leave the peels to ferment with the juice in the slightly open amphorae for as long as 10 days.
It is very important to stir this mix a couple of times a day as the peels will tend to rise to the surface and oxidize, which would give the wine an acidic taste.

After finally separating the peels from the juice, he’ll place the latter within sealed amphorae for 4 / 5 months, until the wine is be ready to be bottled.

Refursà, a sweet white dessert wine:

During the harvest, the healthiest grapes are hanged on a grid to dry until around December.
They are then pressed, left to ferment with their peels for up to 21 days and then usually left to mature in an amphora for one or two years.


To join a group tour please contact http://www.arbaspaa.com/tour/the-wine-tour-meeting-the-winegrower-hiking-through-the-vineyards-wine-tasting-in-the-cellar.

For a private tour please inquire at La Sosta Reception on site.