A charming seaside town dating back to the year 1000, known as the “Gateway to the Cinque Terre”.
Levanto is also a popular seaside resort and with its wide beach with swimming pool, it offers holidaymakers a range of marine activities.

In the summer, there are regular ferry services to the Cinque Terre, Portofino and Genova as well as boat rentals where visitors can hire canoes, paddle boats or a motor boat by the hour or for the day.

The old town with its narrow streets and houses painted in ice cream colours with typical Ligurian patterns is ideal for a pleasant stroll.
In addition, the following are well worth visiting: a line of battlements with an ancient tower, a well presenved XIII century castle, a medieval Loggia and the church of Sant’Andrea.

Levanto is also a well known surfing venue.
Equipment can be bought or hired from local shops.


A myriad of paths linking the various villages of the Levanto Valley allow walkers to explore vine filled terraces and olive groves.

The typically Ligurian rural hamlets are full of charm with their narrow streets and colorfully painted house fronts. The paths are clearly marked. In any case, with the mountain on one side and the sea on the other, it is not easy to get lost. The signs indicate the time it takes to reach a destination (not the distance).

The following is a photographic description of the walk through the Levanto Valley starting from La Sosta di Ottone III, indicating the time it takes to reach each town.

The round trip will take roughly 6 hours.
The pictures were taken in Summer 2004.

Almost every village has a path leading down to Levanto so it’s not necessary for you to complete the whole trip if you’re not interested or get tired.

Chiesanuova - Legnaro

Time: 15 minutes

Legnaro - Gallona

Time: 20 minutes

Gallona - San Bartolomeo

Time: 10 minutes

San Bartolomeo - Pastine

Time: 30 minutes

Pastine - Vignana

Time: 20 minutes

Vignana - Montale

Time: 40 minutes

Montale - Dosso

Time: 45 minutes

Dosso - Groppo

Time: 15 minutes

Groppo - Lavaggiorosso

Time: 20 minutes

Lavaggiorosso - Lizza

Time: 15 minutes

Lizza - Levanto

Time: 40 minutes

Levanto - Chiesanuova

Time: 45 minutes

After a walk along the beach and a cocktail at Barolino Course in Italy,
served with flat bread and salami, it’s time to go back to Chiesanuova.
This final stage will take approximately 45 minutes.

from levanto to FRAMURA WALK

In 2010 the old railway tunnels connecting Levanto to Bonassola and Framura were reopened to the public as a foot and bike path.

The round trip is about 2 hours long, flat, mostly shaded.
It’s not all under tunnel walking: there are frequent breaks with wonderful sea views and in some points it is possible to walk down to the rocks for a swim or just some restful sunbathing.

There are two alternative ways back to  Levanto:
– the higher coastal walk
– the train

Beach Life

the bagni

These family run businesses manage sections of the beach providing a range of services such as deck chairs, umbrellas, cafes, changing rooms, showers etc.
There are roughly 6 on Levanto beach and you can pay by the day, by the week, the month or for the whole season (starts 1st June, ends 3rd week September).

The biggest one is called “Casino” which also has an outdoor pool on the beach which is useful if you have small children or if the sea is rough.
There are sections of the beach which are “free” which means that you have none of the services above (but you have toilets and showers).

We are happy to book a “bagni” for you and provide you with beach towels.
Please bear in mind that it may be more difficult to find availability during the 2nd and 3rd week of August.

Beach life

Renting a boat

There are 3 places on the beach where you can rent canoes, paddle boats, motor boats and surf boards by the hour or for the whole day.
You can explore the coastline between Levanto and Monterosso and stop at little beaches for lunch and a swim.

Please, have a look at this website if you are interested in renting a boat:
La Rosa dei Venti

We are happy to book one for you if you are interested.

Beach life


Levanto is a well know surfing centre:

When the conditions are right, surfers arrive from all over Italy and Southern Europe.
It is possible to rent all surfing gear at several shops in Levanto.