+39 0187 814502


   Località Chiesanuova 39 – Levanto (La Spezia) 19015 Italy

   P.IVA 03478490968




Shuttle Service: Gianluca Bonilauri
www.levantoshuttleservice.it / info@levantoshuttleservice.it
+39 335 82 59 532 / +39 334 29 20 150

    1 hour and 30 minutes
  • PISA
    1 hour and 20 minutes
    3 hours and 30 minutes
    3 hours

How to reach us



from Milano: 2h 30min
from Roma: 4h 30 min
from Genova: 1h 20 min
from Pisa: 1h 20 min

Nearest Motorway:
A12 Genova – Livorno
Exit: Carrodano – Levanto

GPS coordinates:
latitude:  44° 10′ 36″ N
longitude:  9° 38′  914″ E

Arrival instructions:
After “Exit: Carrodano – Levanto”

  • follow signs to Levanto, drive for 12 km
  • follow signs for Monterosso, drive 5 km
  • on right hand side see sign for Chiesanuova, ignore
  • drive on for 500 m past Legnaro, a hairpin curve and 2 more curves
  • on left hand side, next to a gate to driveway, a cement water tank, see a small parking area. Leave the car there
  • walk along the road for 10 metres towards Monterosso and see a path on the right hand side leading down towards Chiesanuova
  • walk to the end of the footpath and turn left at the junction
  • first gate on the left, number 39, is the entrance to La Sosta di Ottone III



La Sosta  di Ottone III has no close parking facility, as Chiesanuova is not accessible by car.
Parking is available:
– to offload luggage  –  at the top end of the village which will mean a maximum 80 m walk to La Sosta;
– during your stay  –  at the bottom end of the village, 150 m walk up to La Sosta, public and unguarded.

How to reach us



Levanto or Monterosso Stations are both about 6 km from La Sosta di Ottone lll.
From here you will need to take a Taxi.

There are 2 Taxi Services in Levanto and 10 Taxi Services in Monterosso.

The ride is about 10 minutes and costs 15/20 euro.

The numbers to call are (remember +39 for Italy):


Gianluca:  +39 335 82 59 532  or  +39 334 29 20 150
Edoardo:  +39 3484417963


AmicoTaxi: +39 3356280933  or +39 3356280933
Speedy: +39 3356165842 or +39 3881189840
Driver: +39 3346165845


To consult the train schedule: italian railway


A few tips:

Remember that a car is not useful in the Cinque Terre, as the roads are narrow and cars are not permitted at all in the tiny towns.
The best way to visit them is by foot, boat or train.

For a visitor there are essentially 2 options:
stay in the Cinque Terre or close (5 km) to the Cinque Terre.
It’s very much a decision of whether you prefer to stay in the crowd (people, restaurants, cafes, shops ecc) or in a quieter environment.
La Sosta guests prefer the second option and many are without a car.