Artisans - Genova, Liguria Style

In 2003 we moved to Liguria and renovated La Sosta. 
We took particular care to use local artisans and materials for decoration and furnishings. 

In 2008 Liguria Style ( opened in Genova: it exhibits and sells the works of Ligurian craftsmen and women.

Some we knew already but many were new so that winter we visited the ones between the Cinque Terre and Genova.  We bought some wonderful things and in addition found new sites to visit, restaurants and cafes.

In organizing the information we collected, we tried to imagine a day trip around the
craft persons' stores.   As a result all the sections provide all or most
of the following information:

  •   *  name

  •   *  place

  •   *  distance from La Sosta

  •   *  description

  •   *  recommended sites

  •   *  recommended restaurants

I hope you enjoy exploring this area and finding out about some of the region's
best kept secrets.





Distance from La Sosta

1 hour and 30 minutes (by train or car) 

Recommended caffes:       

Mangini - 3/R Piazza Corvetto – closed Monday
good for light snack and aperitif (house aperitif: Mangini)

Fratelli Klainguti - Via Soziglia 98/R - ideal for breakfast or a coffee/tea.
Composer Giuseppe Verdi said that its croissant Falstaff was better than his Falstaff opera.

Recommended restaurants:

Baldin - Piazza Tazzoli 20r  (Genova Sestri Ponente) 
0039 010 6531400
restaurant – closed Sunday
Sa pesta - Via dei Giustiniani 16 -
0039 010 2468336 –
trattoria - closed Monday

Vegia Zena - Vico del Serraglio 15/r -
0039 010 2513332
fish trattoria - closed Sunday pm and Monday


  • Confetteria Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano -  Via Soziglia 74/R
  • Romeo Viganotti - Vico Castagna 14/R (nel cortile) – chocolate
  • Via Roma   - some major international names and some good boutiques.
  • Creativando – Via della Maddalena 38/r –closed Sun/Mon, 14.30 to 18.45 Tue to Thu,, Fri/Sat 10.30 18.45 -  macrame’
  • Le Ceramiche del Grifo – Via Maddalena 78/r –  0039 339 220 3144 - traditional ceramics
  • Arte Terra - Ida Daniela Bennati -  Piazza Pinelli 27/r -  0039 010 518526 -  contemporary ceramics
  • Poterie Diotto Marcella - traditional ceramics - Salita del Prione 20/22 -  0039 010 2513603 - 
  • Via Garibaldi12 - Lifestylestore - Lorenzo Bagnara - Via Garibardi 12/1 - 0039 010 2530365 - - NEW


Recommended sights:  

  • *  Strada Nuova
  • *  Palazzo Rosso
  • *  Palazzo Bianco
  • *  Palazzo Tursi
  • *  Unesco  World Heritage Site: palazzi built by the greatest families of the nobility who constructed in the 16th and 17th centuries their own residences on the edges of the historic city centre.
  • *  Aquarium
    The second largest aquarium in Europe, Genova’s Aquarium objective is to create awareness among the general public of marine conservation and responsible management of aquatic environments.
  • *  San Lorenzo Cathedral
    reconstructed in Romanesque style during the 12th century, the black and white edifice sits between two towers, and opening out from it are three richly decorated gothic doors.
    From the sides of the edifice emerge two stone lions and a statue of San Giovanni.
    The Museo del Tesoro is located in the basement of the Cathedral: it holds precious relics whose stories have passed into legend: the Sacro Catino, a relic of the Last Supper, the plate which held the head of the Baptist, the Croce degli Zaccaria, and the magnificent tabernacle containing the ashes of saints.
  • *  San Matteo
    1125 church of the Doria family. The exterior is notable for its elegant edifice, crafted in black and white marble. The interior was remodeled in the 1500's and adorned with precious sculptures by Montorsoli. Inside the crypt, visitors can view the tomb of Andrea Doria, sculpted by Montorsoli.
  • *  Santa Maria di Castello

  • Dates back to the year 900, built in one the most ancient sites in Genova. A wonderful complex, full of inner courtiers with orange trees and a spectacular view of the port from a beautifully frescoed loggia.



A WONDERFUL day in Genova:  

¨       Coffee at Klainguti
¨       LiguriaStyle exhibition and shopping
¨       A snack at Mangini
¨       Some sightseeing
¨       Shopping in Via Roma and other recommended stores
¨       Dinner