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Chef and Sommelier Luca Palmero Scatena has designed menus to enhance these traditional local ingredients.  For breakfast or dinner reservations please call +39 3318098900 or email

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The Open Air Oven,  new additions to our set Menus, a Made to Measure Menu, a Made to Measure Wine Menu, Cook with the Chef "jam sessions", Aperitivo at la Sosta … an authentic food & wine experience which combines tradition with innovation. 

Chef and Sommelier Luca Palmero Scatena was born and lives in the Ligurian region and brings a wealth of experience gained working in highly prestigious restaurants in Italy such as the Michelin starred San Domenico (Imola) and La Locanda delle Tamerici near La Spezia.  


Fulvia Busco was born in Levanto and lives in Chiesanuova and  many of our past guests have appreciated her traditional Ligurian home cooking.  
Luca’s and Fulvia’s approach is both firmly set in the enogastronomical heritage of the Ligurian Region and inspired by the never ending innovation of the Italian culinary scene.
In a nutshell: a truly Ligurian experience.
Check out the Restaurant section of the website with news about our new breakfast menu, aperitif and menu options  for dinner.